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A devide capable of converting food terms into ordinary language.[…]

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For Italians, Is ‘Made in Italy’ a Thing of the Past?

Today, even the olive oil is imported. But small and dedicated producers are trying to keep Italy’s culinary traditions alive.[…]

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DW.COM – (Video intervista)

Kissing Garlic!

This garlic is no longer off limits on a first date. Odorless garlic was discovered by two Italians. It could revolutionise eating on first dates![…]

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Alessandro e Lorenzo, Roma.

La vostra storia in poche righe, con un accenno sulle vostre origini. […]

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How Italy discovered the kissing garlic. Discovering the virtues of aglione

A construction engineer, Alessandro Guagni, and a commercial lawyer, Lorenzo Bianchi, have devoted the past three years cultivating a special giant variety of garlic, known in Italian as aglione – literally, “big garlic”. One bulb of aglione weights from 300 to 800 grams, about 10 times as big as normal garlic, and, as it hasn’t a very strong flavour,  it was never considered very useful for cooking, but the two growers found that it has a specific quality that can appeal a lot customers around the world. Aglione is odourless. […]

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Min. 16′20″ (video)

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KissinGarlic: l’aglio a prova di bacio “salvato” da una coppia di amici.

La scoperta di un’eccellenza quasi scomparsa si trasforma in un’idea di marketing: ecco la storia di Lorenzo e Alessandro. Due amici e una sfida: coltivare e vendere un aglio a prova di bacio: il kissinGarlic. È la storia di Lorenzo Bianchi (Roma, ‘69), avvocato e Alessandro Guagni (Roma, ‘70), ingegnere edile e imprenditore che, tre anni fa, si sono lanciati in un’avventura: tentare di far rivivere piante perdute. […]

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Modern farmer

Avvocati, ingegneri, musicisti cambiano vita e scelgono l’agricoltura. Chi sono e come ce l’hano fatta.


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Odorless garlic that won’t lead to bad breath

Aglione – once thought to be an extinct type of garlic – was brought to life by two entrepreneurs. The pair believes it is a variety that could be the key to enjoying garlic-based food without the after effects of bad breath. Entrepreneurs-slash-cultivators Alessandro Guagni and Lorenzo Bianchi said the resurrected type of garlic is sweet, easy to digest, and is odorless. They call it the “kissing garlic.” “The taste was very good and very light so we thought about the possibility of reintroducing it in the market,” said Guagni, quoted by the Medical Daily.


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There’s finally a way for garlic-lovers to get their fix without ending up with bad breath or indigestion. A Rome-based duo—a construction engineer and a commercial lawyer—is helping to resurrect an ancient garlic varietal. Nicknamed “kissing garlic,” it has a slightly milder flavor and is completely odorless, so you aren’t left with stinky breath. Officially named aglione, the varietal produces bulbs about 10 times the size of normal garlic with no need for any artificial chemicals or fertilizers. “It couldn’t get more organic,” the duo reveals […]

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Due imprenditori stanno cercando di rilanciare questo prodotto, scomparso dalla cucina italiana da qualche decennio. Hanno ricominciato a coltivarlo su un terreno nelle Marche. Attirando anche l’attenzione del Guardian. Esiste un aglio a prova di bacio: si chiama «aglione». E’ una varietà senza allicina, a cui è dovuto il tipico odore. E’ più grande (ogni bulbo pesa dai 300 agli 800 grammi, circa 10 volte l’aglio «comune») e dall’aroma più delicato. Per quanto sembri l’alternativa «gentile» al classico bulbo, è praticamente sparito dalla cucina e dalle ricette da qualche decennio. Secondo i dati di SlowFood, lo producono meno di dieci agricoltori, oggi.

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Toutes les vidéos info

C’est la fierté de la commune de Cadour, en Haute-Garonne. Pour la première fois en France, de l’ail a obtenu l’appellation d’origine contrôlée (AOC) après 16 ans de bataille. La production de cette variété d’ail est remplie de contraintes, de sol notamment, et de tradition comme le pelage à la main et le tressage.?

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This New (Old) Garlic Varietal Won’t Endanger Your Make-Out Session

For those who have perused the menu on a date to avoid obvious garlic bombs (and scrutinize potential ones), there is aglione. This rarely seen Italian garlic varietal, thought until recently to be extinct, is odorless, milder on the palate and easier to digest — as in, no more garlic burps, breath, skin odor or anything of the sort. And in a food culture where garlic is almost unilaterally included in savory dishes, this is a big development.[…]