Due imprenditori stanno cercando di rilanciare questo prodotto, scomparso dalla cucina italiana da qualche decennio. Hanno ricominciato a coltivarlo su un terreno nelle Marche. Attirando anche l’attenzione del Guardian. Esiste un aglio a prova di bacio: si chiama «aglione». E’ una varietà senza allicina, a cui è dovuto il tipico odore. E’ più grande (ogni bulbo pesa dai 300 agli 800 grammi, circa 10 volte l’aglio «comune») e dall’aroma più delicato. Per quanto sembri l’alternativa «gentile» al classico bulbo, è praticamente sparito dalla cucina e dalle ricette da qualche decennio. Secondo i dati di SlowFood, lo producono meno di dieci agricoltori, oggi.

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C’est la fierté de la commune de Cadour, en Haute-Garonne. Pour la première fois en France, de l’ail a obtenu l’appellation d’origine contrôlée (AOC) après 16 ans de bataille. La production de cette variété d’ail est remplie de contraintes, de sol notamment, et de tradition comme le pelage à la main et le tressage.?

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This New (Old) Garlic Varietal Won’t Endanger Your Make-Out Session

For those who have perused the menu on a date to avoid obvious garlic bombs (and scrutinize potential ones), there is aglione. This rarely seen Italian garlic varietal, thought until recently to be extinct, is odorless, milder on the palate and easier to digest — as in, no more garlic burps, breath, skin odor or anything of the sort. And in a food culture where garlic is almost unilaterally included in savory dishes, this is a big development.[…]

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Aglione: l’aglio a prova di bacio riscoperto da due moder farmer

Per aglione si intende una varietà di aglio inodore e dal sapore assai delicato, diffusa a partire dagli Etruschi, celebrata con molte lodi per le sue caratteristiche durante il governo dei Medici. Il motivo per cui l’aglione è a prova di bacio e si digerisce bene è l’assenza dell’allicina, il principio attivo dell’aglio, responsabile del caratteristico odore del bulbo. […]

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זן השום aglione – בתרגום מאיטלקית “שום גדול” – מוכר באיטליה כבר שנים רבות אך לא זכה לגידול רחב עד לפני שלוש שנים כאשר שני יזמים מרומא – אחד מהם מהנדס והשני עורך דין – החליטו לשנות את המצב. ראש השום “ללא ריח” הוא גדול יותר משום רגיל ויכול להגיע עד ל-800 גרם. הטעם שלו עדין ולא משאיר ריח מהפה אחרי האכילה.

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Vergeten Geen knoflookadem met deze reuzenknoflook

Het Italiaanse duo Alessandro Guagni (ingenieur) en Lorenzo Bianchi (advocaat) herontdekte de reuzenknoflook bij toeval bij een bezoek aan een Toscaanse boerenmarkt. De aglione (Italiaans voor ‘reuzenknoflook’) is ongeveer 10 keer zo groot als een gewone knoflookbol en weegt zo’n 300 tot 800 gram. Doordat de aglione niet de chemische stof allicine bevat, is de smaak mild, krijg je er geen oprispingen van én ontbreekt de gevreesde ‘after-knoflook’-adem.[…]

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A garlic kiss? No more. The aglione saves the taste and the breath.

If you love Italian food but at the same time love… making love, fear no more: your spaghetti aglio e olio or your bruschetta will not interfere anymore with your romantic activity, thank to an Italian duo of scientists who decided to dedicate their time and research to the rescue of aglione, a type of garlic much bigger than the normal aglio but without the chemical compound that gives bad breath. Aglione is easy to digest […]

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Aglione kissing garlic that has a milder flavour and is odourless to have first harvest
Cultivators Alessandro Guagni and Lorenzo Bianchi, from Italy, are hoping foodies will fall in love with the reborn food gem, last produced in large quantities almost half a century ago. […]

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Aglione kissing garlic that has a milder flavour and is odourless to have first harvest by
Cultivators Alessandro Guagni and Lorenzo Bianchi, from Italy, are hoping foodies will fall in love with the reborn food gem, last produced in large quantities almost half a century ago.[…]

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This “Kissing Garlic” Won’t Give You Bad Breath

There’s finally a way for garlic-lovers to get their fix without ending up with bad breath or indigestion. Luckily, a Rome-based duo—a construction engineer and a commercial lawyer—is helping to resurrect an ancient garlic varietal. Nicknamed “kissing garlic” it has a slightly milder flavor and is completely odorless, so you aren’t left with stinky breath. Officially named aglione, the varietal produces bulbs about 10 times the size of normal garlic with no need for any artificial chemicals or fertilizers. “It couldn’t get more organic,” the duo reveals.[…]

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Garlic cloves. The potent, purple pearls that take your passata-y pasta sauce and give it a dollop of fiery flavour are a kitchen saviour. Slight issue? The whole stinky breath thing. But it looks like the answer is here, guys. Because a pair of Italian pals have only gone and cultivated a strain of the bulb that promises to deliver on taste – as well as being odour-free. The miraculous-sounding crop is called aglione, or ‘kissing garlic,’ as pioneers Alessandro Guagni and Lorenzo Bianchi are branding it. In an interview with The Guardian, the friends, who both hail from Rome, reveal that there’s just a couple of months before the first harvest of the game-changer. […]

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2 Italian entrepreneurs hope to bring back once-popular Tuscan staple

A construction engineer and a lawyer who’ve been friends since they were teens were seeking a diversion from their 9-to-5 toil, so they teamed up to revive a Tuscany staple that hasn’t been prevalent in four decades: a huge variety of garlic that doesn’t stink, tastes sweeter, and won’t cause indigestion. Per the Guardian, Alessandro Guagni and Lorenzo Bianchi have spent three years cultivating aglione (“big garlic”), which they’re hoping to hawk to high-end food markets (and, ostensibly, to a clientele[…]

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Introducing Garlic That Doesn’t Make Your Breath Stink

A plateful of pasta cooked with garlic is never a wise choice on a first date. But if an odorless strain of so-called “kissinGarlic” takes off, diners may soon get to enjoy the taste of the pungent plant without the bad breath that usually goes with it. As The Guardian reports, Italian entrepreneurs Alessandro Guagni and Lorenzo Bianchi are working to bring this garlic variety into the mainstream. […]

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Talijanski agri-poduzetnici uzgajaju češnjak pogodan za ljubljenje.

Dvojica talijanskih poduzetnika poljoprivrednika lansirali su KissinGarlic – blago aromatičan češnjak koji se lako probavlja i ne uzrokuje loš zadah. No, s obzirom da uzgajaju sortu koja je zamalo bila izgubljena, imaju još jednu misiju – proširiti horizonte prehrambene industrije. Češnjak ima oporu aromu zbog soja alicina koji reagira svaki put kada se zdrobi ili sjecka. S obzirom da je poznat po tome da uzrokuje loš zadah […]
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KissinGarlic, se acabó el mal aliento después de comer ajos

Dos agricultores italianos han puesto en marcha KissinGarlic, un ajo con sabor suave que se digiere fácilmente y no causa mal aliento. Mediante el cultivo de una variedad de planta que estaba a punto de perderse, estos emprendedores del campo se han embarcado en una misión para “ampliar los horizontes de la industria alimentaria”, explican en Food Navigator. […]

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Aglio a prova di bacio: la sfida di Lorenzo e Alessandro

Due amici e una sfida: coltivare e vendere un aglio a prova di bacio: il kissinGarlic. È la storia di Lorenzo Bianchi (Roma, ‘69), avvocato e Alessandro Guagni (Roma, ‘70), ingegnere edile e imprenditore che, tre anni fa, si sono lanciati in un’avventura: tentare di far rivivere piante perdute. Per essere precisi, un tipo diaglio, gigante, che pesa tra i 300 e i 400 grammi, è grande cinque volte quello normale, si usava nella Val Di Chiana fino agli anni Settanta[…]

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